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As part of our "Total Construction Solutions" provision, CBC offer a progressive planned and  reactive maintenance provision.


The introduction, and continuous advancement, of electronic communication systems has allowed us to develop and progress our maintenance service. For example, on our current maintenance framework for East Ayrshire Council, all CBC personnel now use hand held tablet devices which are updated in real time with comprehensive information about each individual job procured under the Contract. This enables staff to purchase additional stock while on the road, review details of emergency call-outs in real time, record the labour and materials used on each job, capture and instantly upload photographs of the work carried out and get building and property users to sign-off on completed work.


Maintenance staff and operatives can now be linked to the operations management system at the local depot or head office in real-time through a mobile data connection. This enables each individual to see and respond to changes in their work schedule, record the precise labour used on each job, reallocate materials in their van between jobs, and build 'shopping lists' of materials required to complete jobs that day.


Powerful stock management features allow CBC  to leverage their purchasing power and optimise stock-holdings by identifying what stock is required for each job, and automatically build supplier orders to centralise the purchasing of stock and order in bulk wherever possible. "Pick lists" ensure the right stock is in each tradesmans  van for one or more days' work.


Emergency call out staff now have 24/7 access to the operations management system, allowing them to accurately record jobs which the on-call  tradesmen  can  immediately view through their hand held device, allowing staff to respond quicker and more effectively than ever before, without needing to retrospectively build a paper-trail for each job.

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